Community Style in York, PA


If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you’ll have noticed that I like to support women and women-owned businesses whenever I can. And sometimes my love of style makes a happy connection with a woman-owned business (remember this post about crochet cover ups?)

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to another one of these fascinating women, Victoria Kageni-Woodard, owner of Gusa by Victoria in York, Pennsylvania.

I first met Victoria at an event held by another female tour de force, Sherron Washington. As per the rules of the ‘Blu’ event, we were required to sit next to two other women whom we didn’t know. I was thrilled to be seated next to a fashion designer who creates garments that she sells in her own shop! Definitely someone I needed to get to know better.

My daughter and I headed north to Pennsylvania for a girls’ day out to visit Victoria’s shop. Accompanied by the soundtrack of number one hits from 1972 to 1994 that my music biz brother had made for my 40th birthday (I’m not sure where the second disc ended up . . .), we cruised up to York on a beautiful morning.

Victoria was graciously welcoming. Showing us around the converted row house (the name means ‘touch’ in Swahili, Victoria’s native Kenyan language) we found an eclectic space filled with all manner of hand-crafted clothing, accessories and home goods. Upstairs we found Victoria’s workroom, where she gave my daughter a quick lesson in using a serging machine, in another room her gigantic cutting table, and fronting West Philadelphia Street, her teaching room. For she teaches sewing classes for the community too.


I was first taken by the fact that Victoria is a legitimate fashion designer; a graduate of SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) who is making her unique designs to sell commercially.  I’ve come to realize that what she is doing with Gusa is much, much more than that. York itself is undergoing a renaissance, driven by arts and culture and Victoria is a big contributor to that with her focus on African and African American heritage. She hosts regular music nights in the courtyard behind the shop, and she was very excited to tell me about the Gusa World Music Festival that she was organizing (June 15-16) that was advertised all over town.

But back to the clothes. Victoria comes from a long line of seamstresses, having learned initially from her grandmother in Kenya. She often crafts elaborate storyboards for a collection, only to find that the fabrics she obtains from mills are telling her to create something different. All the clothing at Gusa is made by Victoria herself, often with a tweaked commercial pattern, but sometimes directly from her mind’s eye.



And she does have fun with what she creates! I love this simple shirt dress ($97) made with an African inspired fabric that transforms it into something quite special. She also had some wonderful blue and white striped off the shoulder dresses that just looked so cool and carefree for summer.

Of course, the nice thing about hand-crafted items is the little details that make them different from what you find in the regular retail outlets. This simple white shirt ($57) was a superb example of that:


Victoria and I talked about being drawn to warmer colors, especially in the winter. For her it’s a memory of the Kenyan sun, for me it’s more a strategy for dealing with the gray wintry days. She finds that the fabrics she most often uses are warm, sunshine evoking colors like the ones in this tunic. I love the sleeve details!

Her customers are primarily women, from their early twenties right through to women confidently in middle years. And while she designs mostly for women, she does make some men’s shirts too. Nice way to get something original for your man.

Her best customers are older women who know what they want; usually a particular style, but comfort and easy maintenance too. And of course she can create unique pieces to a client’s specifications, for a very reasonable price. Prices for a unique design start from $60.

What I loved about Gusa was the way Victoria has created a cultural community supporting African and African American artists of all kinds. She stocks wonderful hand-crafted jewelry like this stunning statement piece ($75), pillows, this fabulous umbrella, continuously changing artwork and other interesting objets of African inspiration or origin.

Victoria is definitely embracing the business model that is emerging more and more now; not just profit-making, but contributing to the community and doing good too. What’s so inspirational to me is how she has crafted a business that reflects her in entirety; her creativity, her craft, her heritage and her connection to her community. Gusa is also a business that allows her to be a mother to her four teen and pre-teen children too; they’re all involved in one way or another.

So should you happen to be in York, PA for any reason, I highly recommend that you stop in. You never know what you might find that tickles your fancy and fits your shape. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to visit on a music night. And certainly if you are looking for something to be made to your specifications, it’s worth checking in with Victoria.

She’s working on a shopable website, but for now you can reach her on Instagram @gusabyvictoria or email:

Gusa by Victoria 252 West Philadelphia St, York, PA 17401




Top 5 Walkable Shoes for Summer (They're Cute too!)

Do you remember when you could wear the cutest little shoes with no thought as to whether they would damage your feet? They just needed to complete the outfit, and chances are you could walk a fair distance in them anyway.

And then you realized that shoes you could actually walk in needed to be a lot more comfortable. Fast forward a few more years and you’ve likely discovered that accommodating all the callouses, corns and bunions you’ve accumulated over the years of wearing those cute little shoes mean many shoe styles are now completely off limits.

Which is all a very long way of saying that I now plan my outfits staring with my shoes and whatever activities I might be doing that day (read: how far I have to walk). Oh yes, and the temperature outside. Which does rather take the fun out of these fabulous finishing accessories!

I’ve come up with The Stylish Marketer’s Shoe Scale to help instantly determine whether those shoes you’ve been lusting after are really going to be able to take on what you need them to.

Hold on readers, this may become a go-to rating in the fashion mags and you’ll have seen it here first!

The Stylish Marketer’s Shoe Scale

0 – COZY SLIPPERS (not slippers, they just feel that way)

2 – COMMUTABLE (you’re doing some serious walking)

4 – WEAR THESE ALL DAY (for just about everything you might do!)

6 – DESK JOB ONLY (you can walk around the office, but not TO the office

8 – TAXI ESSENTIAL (these are about looking good while seated)

10 – INSTAGRAM ONLY (strictly for ‘wearing’ at home/on set and sharing with the world digitally)

Comfort sandals.PNG

Because let’s face it, most of the shoes we drool over start at a 6 on The Stylish Marketer’s Shoe Scale. Which means when it gets hot and sweaty in the summer and we actually have to use public transit we’re looking at the dreaded comfort shoe. Ack! (Cue scary theme music.)

To help you, dear readers, I’ve been doing some research on ‘comfort shoes’. Because I’m not ready to give up the fight just yet. There simply have to be shoes out there that can be both comfortable and cute, right?

Well, you may know I’m a big fan of Crocs summer shoes (and just to be clear, NEVER the Crocs clogs! those are hideous), but they aren’t really office appropriate. Over the years I’ve developed my own criteria of what works: heels two inches or less, leather (to accommodate swelling summer feet), straps that aren’t too narrow or too wide that can accommodate bunions, and for the icing on top, some color or other interesting detail.

And yet I still have days when all my shoes (except my running shoes) hurt my feet somewhere. Sigh.

A search on Zappos for comfort shoes yielded plenty of shoes between 0 and 4 on the scale, and a surprising number of 6’s (heels at 3 inches), but not much I’d actually like to wear.

Waiting on these new shoes from Hotter to arrive

Waiting on these new shoes from Hotter to arrive

Time to look at the brands known for comfort: Naot, Vionic, Mephisto, and Kuru. And surprisingly, I did find some interesting options at Naot and Vionic. And even more surprisingly, I found these at Hotter, a brand I’ve never seen before. Maybe not the sexiest ever, but they go with everything I’ve bought for spring and they fulfill my criteria as outlined above. I’d give these a good solid 4, even though I'm cringing a little as I do.

But the ‘comfort’ shoe bonanza was found at the aptly named Comfort One Shoes.  They carry many of the brands listed above, but a huge range of others as well. I was surprised at how many were attractive and definitely twos and fours on my scale.  Admittedly many were out of my wallet comfort range (I know, I know the cost per wear for shoes that last five years or more is pretty low, but I still can’t quite justify $350+ for a pair of sandals.) But look at how pretty they are!

Kim's new Aetrex sandals

I did find a pair of shoes that are going to work for my wardrobe for spring (ok, apparently it’s summer already so we’ll go with that!). They’re a definite 4 and maybe even a 2. More money than I would usually spend, but at this point I’m ok with that. I need at least one pair that I can wear downtown during the summer! Bonus - they're actually navy, which goes with my wardrobe.



So here are my top five picks for the cutest, walkable shoes for summer that will work for most offices:

The astute among you will have noted that there are in fact six shoes featured here. That's because while I'm a big fan of color and interesting embellishments, I do kind of like the tan and taupe version of the tomato red Sayonara sandal, bottom, right. 

I can also confirm that the Dorking Babor shoes (top row, middle) look amazing on. My fashion friend purchased these last weekend and said that they certainly felt comfortable at the store.

cute, but not comfortable.PNG

And you'll also have noted that these sandals look nothing like what passes for sandals in most of the shoe world. I never did understand how you could walk around all day in shoes like these (right), and now that I'm rather closer to 50 than 40, I really don't get it. Which is a shame, because they are so gosh darn cute!

Have you found a great pair of office appropriate summer shoes you can walk in? Let us know!

Athleisure Wear Is the New Denim

I was recently thinking how the fashion industry is not really as inventive as the music industry. Sure there are regular new trends lasting approximately a decade in both, but fashion seems to be much more influenced by the past (sometimes even the recent past!) than music. Sometimes you’ll hear musical influences of other artists in music, but rarely do you hear ‘new’ music that harkens back to a previous era. Fashion is much more cyclical.

Having said that, fashion has been sliding along the comfort continuum for some time now; corsets moved to girdles and brassieres, and then to bras alone and now to sports bras without wires. Ok, sure, the shapewear market is alive and well, but no one would think to wear it on a daily basis. And frankly, I’m glad that I can support my girls without whalebone!


But this comfort shift has brought an accompanying casualization of style. No woman in the 1940’s, no make that even the 1960’s, would ever been seen out of her house without a hat and gloves, and certainly never in her pajamas. And yet I regularly see people in my neighborhood popping to the shop in their pajamas. But not nearly as often as I see athletic wear, or ‘athleisure wear’, for all occasions.

Originally designed to make for an easy transition from the gym to real life, the comfort and ease of athleisure wear has been adopted by huge swaths of the population for nearly every occasion. Deirdre Clemente, a professor of history at the University of Nevada who studies culture, describes athleisure as a "weird hybrid" of business casual and athletic wear, which has essentially created an entirely new category of clothing. Many of the clothes that people now consider work-appropriate incorporate sports-inspired materials, like spandex, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers. "People want less maintenance of their clothes," Clemente said. "Technology is such a pervasive part of our lives. To want it in our clothes is simply natural." (Business Insider 2/17)

Which is something I’ve been seeing in the pages of Vogue and the windows of Nordstrom for some time now. And it’s backed up by sales figures: It has been the lone star in a waning apparel industry, with an estimated market size of $44 billion in the US alone, according to research firm NPD Group. While the apparel sales, as a whole, increased 2% year-on-year in 2015, the rise in activewear sales was a whopping 16%. (Forbes 6/10/2016)

From left to right: Marine Serre dress in Vogue Jan 2018, Nordstrom window Feb 2017, No Ka 'Oi in Vogue Jan 2017, Versace dress in Vogue May 2017.

But what's more interesting to me as a fashion observer is how this trend has become ‘stylish’. Rihanna has an entire line for Puma done in collaboration with Fenty, the Italian fashion house famous for it’s fur. The Puma website describes the collection this way: "Beachy and badass, it’s a vibrant, unexpected mashup of high fashion, extreme sport and beachwear."

All images Fenty Puma by Rihanna.

But Rihanna doesn’t just throw on a pair of sweats, her athleisure wear is styled. She’s consciously chosen her look and is accessorizing her athleisure for high style impact.  As Vogue puts it, “But don’t go thinking she’s running around in drabby sweats and sneakers—the singer’s take on athletic dressing is anything but unpolished.”

Kendall Jenner in Vogue, Feb 2018

Kendall Jenner in Vogue, Feb 2018

Kendall Jenner too. In her role as a brand ambassador for Adidias she puts her own spin on the athletic clothing and takes it into a league that is definitely not athletic wear. Note the tights with white heels and what can only be described as a tracksuit.

But it’s not for everyone. While I’m in favor of clothes that are comfortable and practical, my personal style veers more towards ‘elegant’ than ‘street’. And athleisure is both more ‘street’ and more casual than I like for myself. But I have a funny feeling that I am going to find myself on the wrong side of history on this one – my ten year old daughter refuses to even wear jeans, stating that they’re ‘uncomfortable’. Should anyone be surprised that the athleisure wear trend has filtered down to the teen and tween market?  


What will be interesting is how this ‘trend’ shakes out as the new normal. Remember, there was a time when older folks didn’t wear denim, and it wasn’t all that long ago. Perhaps I’ll be spending my twilight years in athleisure wear, because let’s face it, comfort is pretty key when your mobility is compromised!

The Calendar Versus the Weather: Five Ways to Win the Battle

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for it to be spring. There are some brave blossoms out there, we’ve had lots of blue, blue skies and Easter is just around the corner, but the weather is not exactly cooperating. Snow on the first day of spring? Sigh.

My soul is positively yearning to don pretty spring clothes, but it’s not just chilly, it’s downright cold. And yet, the brighter light and longer days make the deep colors of winter just feel wrong.

What’s a girl to do? How can you embrace the calendar, and yet still dress for the weather?

Of course, before too long those of us south of the Mason Dixon line will be having the opposite problem – it will be too warm for the clothing that the calendar might suggest is appropriate. An equally vexing problem!

Not to worry. I may have spent far too long thinking about this problem so that you don’t have to. Here are my suggestions for how to handle this transitional season conundrum.

1.       Add some spring color

2.       Lighten the layers, both in fabric weight and in style

3.       Bring out the florals

4.       Show a little skin

5.       Just say ‘yes’ to spring accessories

Please note for those of my readers north of the 49nd parallel (did you see how I’ve incorporated some geography lessons here too?) some of these suggestions may require further calendar advancement before the application will be appropriate. I’ll assume you all have good, sensible judgement.

The problem for most of us is how to transition our winter clothing into spring without a) feeling uncomfortably chilly and b) looking like we’ve just returned from a tropical vacation and didn’t have time to change.

Add Some Spring Color

I suggest that you stay with the neutral basics you have likely been wearing through the winter, switching out the sweater under the jacket for a pretty blouse in a spring color, or changing the jacket for one in a decidedly spring hue. Or, just wear a sweater in a pretty spring color. Millennial pink is still big this spring, although the runways also showed lavender and a deeper hued pink. Personally I wish I could pull off the pretty peach color I saw in the stores – it’s something new we haven’t seen in a while and is just so, oh I don’t know, hopeful.

Lighten the Layers

There’s no need to lighten up from head to toe, pick one piece and consciously make it over into spring. For example, your black or navy bottoms can easily become more spring-like with a lighter colored sweater or jacket. Or add some broderie anglaise or eyelet (big this spring!) under your regular jacket and you’ll still be comfortable, but spring-like. You could also continue wearing a winter weight sweater or jacket with a lighter hued or weight skirt or pant. I had some fun finding pieces like these that will all layer well with warmer, more wintery items, but still give you a nod to the season AND transition nicely into summer.

Alternatively, you can choose a 'feels like spring' dress (without becoming a garden party all by yourself) and either wear a layer under it or top it with a sweater or jacket and keep your tights and boots on for now. The blue shift dress, above, is ideal for this transition. The key is to add in a spring element somewhere.

Bring out the Florals

I don’t think florals will ever NOT be a spring thing. Because fashion reflects nature, after all. Having said that, extreme floral prints really do belong in summer weddings, garden parties, and your aged aunt's closet. If you feel yourself drawn towards florals, incorporate them in a blouse or scarf, or perhaps in a skirt or dress if they aren’t too over the top.

Show a Little Skin

Depending on how chilly it is, you might be able to wear your fashionable ankle pants without socks, either with boots, or maybe even with a more open, transitional shoe. Personally, until it is actually warm enough to bare my legs (and they’ve had some weekend opportunities to be sun-kissed), I’ll still be wearing tights or ankle pants. Note: these are not sandals. It really, truly needs to be spring to successfully pull those off! I'd consider these options all transitional as they can be worn with socks or tights as well as without.

Say Yes to Spring Accessories

The easiest way to add spring! Try a pretty patterned scarf, shoes in a lighter color, or a pastel handbag. If you really aren't wanting to invest heavily in spring, this is where a little careful shopping will sweep you into the season without breaking the bank.





Aren't these fun for the weekend?



Yes, it may be chilly outside, but when it’s nearly April, I think it’s ok to carry a pink handbag. Or this one! Doesn’t it just make you feel lighter and happier?





I saw a woman just this week who was managing to do just about all of these things in one outfit. It was a coolish day,and she was wearing pale blue, cropped cotton trousers trimmed with eyelet, a jersey shirt tucked into these pants and finished with a black belt, a cropped black leather jacket and a multi-hued plaid wool scarf draped over the top. I can’t quite remember the shoes, but I think some sort of ankle boot with no socks. Granted, this is not something I could pull off, but she looked fashionable, seasonably appropriate and comfortable.

So go, have some fun shopping your closet for what you already have, and add in a few pieces that will take you from this spring that isn’t a spring into the summer.




2-For-1 Shoes, Perfect for Packing

When I’m packing for a trip I always start with the shoes. Since you can only take a small subset of your entire shoe closet, they need to do double, and even triple duty. Tricky, when you’re on a city holiday and need to look stylish and put together, but you’ll be walking miles every day. 

Traveling for business might be even worse – you can’t turn up in the same shoes day after day when meeting with the same people, but you don’t want to fill your bag with a lot of shoes.

I think I may have found a completely workable, and totally fun solution: ShoeCandy shoes. Developed by two women who clearly had these issues when travelling, these high-quality shoes are crafted in the leather shoemaking capital of Brazil, and have been designed to be accessorized for multiple looks. You buy your shoe, then you purchase your ‘bag of candy’, the heel covers and sparkly bits to completely change the look.

Kara Mac of ShoeCandy told me that their idea was to provide two complete looks with one shoe; day into evening, or work into weekend. And of course, you’re not limited to just two. Add as many accessories as you like to build a shoe wardrobe.

So I spent some time on their website creating my own shoe looks. What fun!

Here's the shoe I designed

Here's the shoe I designed


With spring fast approaching I played with the celebrity sandal, a great looking sandal that I know I could walk some serious distance in and still look stylish. I created a sparkly and colorful combination using the Fiji ivory t-strap and the multi-floral heel. You know I like a little bit of bling.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t ‘see’ all the accessory options for different heel and t-strip combinations because I would want to be 100% certain that I was getting something that was going to work. But I think my excitement at the varied functionality would probably trump both the fairly high price (not outrageous given the quality materials – they’re designed to be worn more often after all) and this minor inconvenience. Apparently they are aware that this is a problem with their online shopping experience and are working on ways to remedy it.

This one is just pretty, but you should check out the animal print!

This one is just pretty, but you should check out the animal print!

I love these stunning sandals too (their spring/summer bestsellers). How much fun are these for a warm weather holiday? So many options for both t-straps (I count a total of 18) and heels (25 different options). I checked with my super math husband and that makes a total of 450 different combinations! So really no excuse for not having the perfect shoe for all your favorite summer outfits.

Kara told me that new heel cover styles are chosen by ShoeCandy fans voting on social media. And they’re now all made in the US. What a great way to engage with your customers!

ShoeCandy has definitely stayed on the conservative side of shoe design, but I think that makes their shoes and boots more wearable by a wider range of women. The point is really the accessories, and that’s where your personality gets to shine.

And yes, your shopping cart can get pretty pricy in a hurry, but I think for the quality and amazing flexibility of the product, cost per wear is probably pretty good. I kinda wish I had more holidays to need such a practical, yet totally fun shoe.

Have some fun creating your own ShoeCandy shoes and let me know what you come up with!

A Revolution in Women's Wear: Pockets! And a Reversible Suit!

Clothes for the Serious Business Lady

Argent Washington DC storefront.JPG


I have a friend who’s been talking about creating a line of products for the ‘serious business lady’. Because women ARE serious business ladies, but we don’t necessarily want to surround ourselves with bland, colorless office products, nor wear black and gray all the time. And after attending many networking events trying to manage my drink, my bag with laptop, and my coat, all while attempting to exchange business cards and establish rapport with the fascinating new people I was meeting, I mentioned to her that she needed to include a ‘networking suit’ in her line of serious business lady products. Something feminine, professional and smart, flattering to most every woman, and with pockets to handle all those business cards.

Turns out she doesn’t need to. Because Sali Christeson and Eleanor Turner have already done it with Argent.


Women’s Suits With Pockets

Argent women's suit with interior pockets.JPG

I’m not even sure where I first came across Argent, but I was immediately interested in what they have to offer; fully reversible suits (the pants too!), jackets made with cool-max breathable linings, blouses with hidden elastic on the sleeves so you can push them up and they stay pushed up, and a sweater that can be worn four different ways. And pockets, lots of pockets. Taking men’s suit design a little farther and not just incorporating the interior pockets, but adapting them to today’s woman – pockets for pens, pockets for your phone and earbuds, and yes, pockets for your business cards. And no, you don’t suddenly appear bulky and strangely shaped when using said pockets, you look smart and actually turn heads because the jacket you’re wearing is attractive and distinctive too. Argent likes color as much as I do!

After combing through Argent’s website and seeing a lot of things that got me very excited, I needed a field trip to see, and more importantly, feel the fabrics for myself. Because as you may know, I’m a big fan of natural fibres, and dare I say it, a little old-fashioned when it comes to what I wear. I am increasingly disheartened at having to pay a lot of money for the essentially polyester suiting that is available at most retailers.

My dear friend and sometime style advisor (everyone needs a friend like this!) and I planned a field trip for a cold, cold January day to visit Argent’s pop-up DC location.

Field Trip to Argent

And oh, what fun we had! Because the stars aligned that day, and even though the first two places had hour-plus wait lists, the third let us sit down for lunch, and by some amazing luck, we got to Argent and discovered that the two founders were not in San Francisco and New York as they usually are, but here, in person, in DC. And they were thrilled that we were there too. And we got to hear first hand about the thinking behind this amazing design, how the fabrics are sourced and why they are chosen, and the reason Argent was started in the first place. Like most innovative businesses, out of frustration, but also because there are studies that show that the way a woman looks can impact her earning potential by as much as 40%.  Ugh. Clearly, we need functional, serious business lady clothes that make us look as amazing as we are.

The Completely Reversible Suit

I had to start with the reversible suit. I mean, really, how cool is that? A fully reversible suit? Yes, indeed! With interesting contrasting stitching details, a fun multi-length hem, and non-wrinkle, super packable fabric. I HAD to see this in person!

It didn’t look as fantastic online as I had hoped it might be, and truth be told, this is no wool suit, but it doesn’t matter. Because in real life it looks smart, professional, and a little sassy, and it FEELS amazing on. I almost never put on a pair of pants that actually fit properly without tailoring and these didn’t just fit, they were comfortable and I could really move in them. And all three pieces, the jacket, the pants, and the shell top are completely reversible. So, while you may pay a little more for this ensemble than you would at Ann Taylor, you’ve actually got the foundation of most of your working wardrobe right there. Argent manufactures all their garments themselves, in Manhattan’s garment district, and so removes the wholesale middleman. You get a made-in-the-USA piece that is the quality you’d find in a department store, without the big scale pricing.

Argent red crossbody jacket.JPG

Now about those pockets. Argent’s jackets are either reversible, made with breathable linings, or constructed with an entire portable office’s worth of pockets. Which I road tested because my need for business wear (and pockets!) is more about local networking and less about traveling. I bought their most popular jacket, the crossbody, in tomato. And I tested it out, filling up the pockets with all that essential stuff I would normally carry in my handbag. I can say that I looked professional (and comfortable – every jacket has a little bit of stretch) and my loaded pockets didn’t make me look misshapen. I think I’m going to really love having this super versatile and super practical jacket in my wardrobe!


Pinstripes, Please

Here’s another of their fantastic, I’m no shrinking violet, suits. Now that’s a pinstripe! The top was also something unusual – things that fall away from the body don’t normally work for my shape, but this one did somehow. And what an interesting piece with its asymmetrical hem and multi-layer design.  I also tried the simple navy cropped blazer which fit and flattered me and had not just those amazing pockets, but a fun red contrast stitching.

Four Ways to Wear It

How about this for a great cost per wear piece? This sweater (also in black and white) can be worn four ways: front to back, back to front and turned inside out. That seems like a winner for anyone’s wardrobe. I think it would be fair to say that every piece I tried on could be dressed up or down, including this sweater.

Where to Find It

If you’re like me and you really appreciate good design, corporate color, and just plain old practicality, run, don’t walk, to Argent’s location in DC at 1921 8th St NW. And if you live somewhere else, Argent will ship to you at no cost, even including a free shipping return label if the item isn’t quite what you had in mind.

Aside from the fact that I really enjoyed spending time with Sali and Eleanor, (they clearly love what they do), I’m always going to support a woman owned small business when I can. And when that business is doing amazing things to revolutionize women’s office wear, I’ll be checking in regularly. My wardrobe needs more super cool clothing like this! Yours probably does too – give them a try – the clothes are much, much better than they look on the website.

About Argent

HI, WE’RE ARGENT—a collective on a mission to make clothing that equips women to take their seat at the table. Like many, we’re at our best when we look great, feel comfortable and don’t waste hate on our closet. So we made the wardrobe to achieve it.

We’re into those who take charge and make noise. But change can’t stop at the closet door. Join us in a community aiming to dropkick the glass ceiling.  

Here’s to changing the conversation—and your clothes.