Why do I teach women how to sell?

Women have been socialized to be quiet, meek and non-assertive, in varying degrees depending on cultural and familial background. This combined with traditional family roles and responsibilities has made it much more difficult for women to be successful in the business world.

I believe that women have all the capability of men to be successful in business. If I can use my experience and expertise to help women overcome their fear of selling, I will feel happy that I’ve contributed to the greater success of women.

I work exclusively with women-owned businesses to address sales challenges and improve revenue. 

Business done the way women do it; friendly, supportive, and geared towards your success. We’ll get it done together, but along the way we might talk about our families, the boots we covet this fall, and our daily frustrations.

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Where does "The Stylish Marketer" come from?

I’m a communicator at heart; sharing, listening, and building relationships are what I do instinctively. But 20 years of practicing sales and marketing across a range of consumer and business industries around the globe, in-house and as a consultant, means I understand business and the importance of revenue generation.

As for the stylish part? I’ve been interested in fashion and style for as long as I can remember, maybe because style is the most instant and immediate communicator. More importantly, I believe that deliberate, considered style manifests confidence, and that makes for business success.

I love working with women and seeing the pride they feel in themselves when they discover their own success through selling!