It's Fall? But it's still 85 degrees!

Maybe it's because I grew up north of the border, or maybe it's because I'm eagerly influenced by the retail world, but 'back to school' has always been associated with new fall clothes for me. So once September hits, I'm thinking about rich, berry hues; cozy knits and boots, boots, boots. Except it's 85 degrees out. In fact, I think we hit a record in DC this week when the temperature climbed to 95 on Wednesday.

So how do you allow your brain to believe it's fall, but still dress comfortably for the weather? You can do what I did this morning.

Pull out a couple of summer outfits and shop your closet for accessories and alternatives that can help you make that transition into fall. This is supposed to be fun, remember! Pick things that you associate with cooler temperatures, but that will still allow you to be comfortable in the heat. And if you need to do some real shopping, look for pieces that will transition regardless of the weather.

Let's start with an office appropriate outfit. Change the pants, the shoes and the bag. Still cool, but feeling a little more fall-ish. And note the lightweight black jacket, a must for me in overly air-conditioned offices!


Now for something a little more casual. Lucky you if you can pull this off at work!

Thank you to my dear friend, Naomi Cummings, for helping with the photographs!
Thank you to my dear friend, Naomi Cummings, for helping with the photographs!

One of my favorite summer go-everywhere dresses moving into fall with a chambray shirt, some great boots (I had to get them in somewhere!) and a belt. This one might even have negative cost per wear . . .

If you really are feeling the need for something new even though the weather is still more summery than fall-ish, Andrea Graye has some great transitional suggestions too.

Now it's your turn. What do you do to beat the heat when it's really supposed to be fall?