And just what is a 'Shootie'?

I came across this term a few falls ago and thought, yes, that is exactly the right way to describe the sort of shoes that you wear in the fall – a little more coverage than a shoe, but not quite a bootie – a ‘shootie’. Perfect!

Due to some unfortunate shoe choices in my youth, my feet now struggle with the beautiful pumps and other office suitable shoes that most people wear in the autumn. Those few weeks where sandals are no longer appropriate but boots are a bit too much have proven to be severely challenging. But no more! The shootie to the rescue!

I confess that I’m also lumping lighter weight open toe booties into my definition of shooties. These are technically described as a bootie, but aren’t they the perfect thing to wear with skirts and dresses in the transition season? Slim pants too.

Here are some other shooties that I think make the transition into fall perfectly, with both skirts and pants.

Moving on to booties then. I love booties. They capture a certain look or mood far better than tall boots. They’re perfect with slender pants, work equally well with skirts and dresses of all hem lengths, and can be as bad-assed or as feminine as you like. Western, moto, kitten, or office appropriate, take your pick. And since they aren’t usually as expensive as tall boots, you can probably have a couple of pairs kicking around.

Some excellent all around weekend suggestions:

Here’s the perfect pair for work:

And for the more creative office, these could work with skirts and pants and you’ll be able to run around all day and night in them. I have some shoes from this brand and they’re like wearing sneakers, just waaaay more interesting. Or quirky. Depending on your point of view. I can think of one reader of this blog who these might have been made to order for . . .

But I’ve saved the best for last. As a personal believer in animal print as a neutral, how could I not include these from my favorite British brand, Boden? And what about that fabulous olive suede? But wait, there’s more. All of these come in two heel heights. How awesome is that?!


So no excuses. You need some booties and probably some shooties in your wardrobe. Just don’t buy boring black ones please. There are too many fantastic options to just give up like that.