Looking for 10 Tips to Stay Stylish and Warm

I’m feeling feisty about fashion right now. Because it’s the middle of February and it has felt cold recently. I know this is the Mid-Atlantic and it’s not really THAT cold (and we’re expecting temperatures this weekend nearing Canadian summer temperatures), but yesterday, yesterday that wind was biting. And I spent all day feeling cold, with numb fingers and toes, indoors.

So I find myself wondering for probably the 10,587th time how it is possible to stay stylishly warm. I suspect I spend far too much time pondering this topic, probably on the level that men apparently think about sex. Because I’m cold. All. The. Time. And I can dress warmly in lots of layers, but I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow woman. And that’s never stylish.

Why is it that warm clothes actually made from a reasonable amount of wool are virtually impossible to find? Unless you have a gold bank account. And if you do find them, why are they impossibly frumpy? I ‘invested’ in two pairs of beautiful, lined wool trousers last year thinking that finally I would have the answer to staying stylishly warm. This year I invested further in having them tailored to fit. And every time I wear them I feel hopelessly out of date and decidedly unfashionable. Ugh.

See what I mean? Looks ridiculous.
See what I mean? Looks ridiculous.

And that’s just the indoor wear. Shall we move on to warm hats? Purely from a practical point of view, a wooly hat (or as we Canadians say, a ‘toque’) is just the ticket, especially on a blustery day.  I’ve seen countless articles about ‘cute’ bobble hats, and there are plenty of attractive options out there, but I can’t help but cringe. Because I am just not the sort of person who has ever been able to wear a wooly hat well. I can channel Nanook of the North with my fantastic faux fur hat, but let’s be honest, this doesn’t really work with business attire unless you can pull off seriously ironic. And I don't think I can. Maybe a Russian fur hat?

Now at this point you are probably asking yourself how a Canadian who lives in Virginia is even remarking on the frigidness of what can only be called ‘the winter that never was’. And that would be a fair question. If you figure out the answer, please let me know.

But more importantly, if you have ideas on how to stay stylishly warm, please send them to me! I am tired of reading about how you can still wear dresses in the winter with fleece lined leggings and boots and voila, warm AND stylish outfits. You are reading here the struggles of someone who wears long johns under her jeans and sweater and jacket, in the house no less, as soon as the temperature even approaches freezing. I’m honestly not sure that I could survive a trip to my hometown anytime between the months of October and March. Oh wait, I’m heading home on March 16 to celebrate milestone birthdays with my parents. Please wish me luck. And don’t forget to send your winter fashion coping strategies. I’m making a battle plan now for next year.

P.S. I came across this staying warm in winter in New York advice for British visitors after I wrote my diatribe above. Maybe in truly cold climates, ie. NOT the Mid-Atlantic, fashion does indeed go out the window. But at what temperature does that occur for someone who considers herself stylish? I look forward to your comments.

P.P.S. Don't worry, I'll be writing about spring style soon. Because my goodness, the daffodils are nearly blooming!