3 Essentials for Spring Layering

Spring can be tricky to get right from a comfort perspective. It’s chilly in the mornings, and sometimes downright warm in the afternoons. And here in the DC area, we’ve apparently skipped spring altogether and gone straight to summer, so I’ve already shed most of these lovely layering pieces. But I know that isn’t the case for all of my readers, so let’s get back to talking about spring.

I may have mentioned before how I struggle with the cold. Over the years I’ve developed my own layering strategies to accommodate the range of weather I might encounter during a given day, indoors and out! Accounting for the season is just an extension of that.

You’ll need your base layers to start: a long, short or sleeveless top depending on how chilly your day begins, plus bottoms of your choice. If it’s still pretty cool in the mornings I need these to be of the trouser variety. When it warms up a bit more, then I switch them out for a skirt.

The Three Essential Spring Pieces

1.       ‘Air conditioned shoes’ that can accommodate tights if necessary

2.       Lightweight scarf

3.       Jean jacket

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

'Air Conditioned' Shoes

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a wedge. They’re comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and are surprisingly easy to walk in. I’ve even been known to run in mine! What’s more, the right pair can be worn with tights if you’re going with the skirt option. An open design is what gives you the spring warmth/coolness flexibility. For whatever reason having cold feet doesn’t seem to affect the rest of me, but I do like to have a little ‘air conditioning’ when the temperatures warm up.

You may have noticed that I am not wearing wedges in these photos today. That is a wardrobe issue that clearly needs to be addressed! In defense of these fantastic shoes, I found them on the sale rack in DSW and they are the softest leather around – I can even walk around all day in the summer in them. And I can add tights if necessary. So apart from the wrong heel shape, these are perfect for spring.


Lightweight Scarf

Thankfully these are still on trend and available for very little money. Because there’s nothing better to have for a convertible, temperature changing layer. And there are so many beautiful options to choose from! Pick one each spring in colors that flatter your face. Bingo! You’ll feel like spring has definitely arrived and you’ll be updated and comfortable too.

For bonus points you can purchase yours through the Obakki Foundation and do something good at the same time. All net proceeds of these beautiful Scarves for Water (the color selection is fantastic!) go to helping build a well in an African village.

Denim Jacket

I realized recently that I probably wear my denim jacket three or four times a week. And that I should probably have more than one so that it doesn’t look like I am always wearing the same clothes . . . But I wear it all the time because it strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual and it goes with everything. And I mean everything. I wear mine with dress pants, skirts, dresses, even jeans. It helps in my view that mine is embellished with a fair amount of bling. And I searched high and low on the interwebs to find one to share with you, dear readers, but was unsuccessful. Apparently the denim trend has moved on from embellished to embroidered and once again I am just slightly out of step. Perhaps by the time I need to replace my well-loved and worn out blingy jacket the style will have returned?

Anyway, as you might expect I found all sorts of denim jackets available across all price points. For my money I prefer a darker wash, with a fairly simple style as my basic denim jacket. This Vince Camuto one at Nordstrom is a nice price point.

And then why not have some fun with your second one? There are some pretty cool non-denim style jackets out there that would also work. Dress Barn has a pretty yellow one and Banana Republic has this beautiful suede version that is to die for.

So now you should have a system for handling anything that spring throws at your weather-wise, and you should also be dressed for just about every occasion too. If you choose your base layers to be the most flattering for your shape, you can have some fun with your shoes and scarf, and then top it all off with your denim jacket. Happy Spring!