The Perfect Summer Shoe

Have you ever found the ‘perfect’ summer shoe? One that can handle every situation outside of the office, is easily packed, and works with virtually all your summer outfits, even on the most humid of days?

I think I have!


And, wink, wink, nod, nod, they’re Crocs. Yup, I’ve been wearing these beauties for the past couple of years and they’re my go-to whenever my feet are sore or tired from all the other summer sandals that are rubbing me the wrong way.

They can go to the pool, they can go to the beach (‘cause they can get wet!), and they’re just as happy gracing an elegant lunch out.

As you might imagine, I’m not a big fan of the regular Croc shoe. But somehow their version of the 1980’s jelly shoe has really worked for my feet in our seriously humid summers. They’re flexible enough that they don’t ever rub, and of course, they provide the ultimate in air conditioning.

Here’s the 2017 version of the perfect summer shoe. For just $39.99!

The Crocs Isabella sandal
The Crocs Isabella sandal

I personally like these two colorways the best (why can you only buy neutral and black sandals this year?!) but I digress. I covered that particular issue in my post 6 Wedges you Can Run In AND Wear to Work.

In fact, I had better snap up a pair of these before my current ones wear out. Because I’m ashamed to admit that all of my other carefully chosen summer shoes are just not working for me this year. I’m rather glad that I’m not commuting to an office every day!

What are your go-to summer shoes?