Can Crochet Coverup? A mid-summer guide

So it’s the middle of summer and retail-land has already turned its sights to September and beyond. But I’m guessing that at least some of you still have vacations planned before you really start thinking about fall, perhaps even a trip that includes some pool or beach time?

I know I do. And while my pool-side time may not exactly be glamorous (no swim up bars where I’m going), I’m still going to need a swimsuit cover-up. Once you reach a certain age (I’ll leave it up to you to define what that age might be!) walking to and from said pool or beach with everything on view may not be the best idea.

About That Swimsuit Coverup

Cue the swimsuit cover-up. Now until last week, I had not really put much thought into my swimsuit cover-up. I have an old dress made from some quick drying fabric that I throw on and I’m good to go. But then I met Wallicia. She makes crocheted swimsuit cover-ups that are definitely more glamorous than my old dress. Naturally full of holes for air flow and quick drying, but providing coverage nevertheless. And stylish. Who knew crochet could be used this way? 

Styles by Wallicia Gill
Styles by Wallicia Gill
Design by Khadijah McCaskell
Design by Khadijah McCaskell




Then I remembered that Khadijah McCaskill of Cozy Femme also crochets clothing for women. We’re not talking kids hats and mittens here! (Although she can do those too.) Khadijah also crochets swimsuit coverups and has even custom designed this one-piece beach cover-up for a client.





She began crocheting this simple cover-up this week after our conversation as a way to use up some yarn she had left over from something else.


A Coverup Crocheted For You

The best part about these cover-ups? Completely customizable; made for you in the yarn of your choice, perfectly sized, and easy to care for. Plus, they’ll take up hardly any space in your suitcase. You should probably have one to match every swim suit.

Both women assure me that they can complete a simple cover-up in about a week, so if you hurry, you still have time to put your order in for your August holiday. Prices of course dependent on your yarn and pattern choice, but in the range of $50-$75 for a simple cover-up. Hand made locally in the DC Metro area.

I love supporting women owned businesses! Look at what these two women have done:

Wallicia Gill started Wags Treasures after she retired from 36 years in the public education system, ending her career as a middle school principal and then as an adjunct professor teaching teachers. When her first grandchild arrived, she found that she loved crocheting items for her granddaughter. But when friend after friend asked her to make things for them and their families, she realized she could start a retirement business doing something she loved. Wallicia makes a lot of children’s items, but is happy to crochet you anything you might like, including your next swimsuit cover-up. She prefers that you contact her directly ( as she has found keeping up with her website more challenging than she had initially thought.

Khadijah McCaskill is also a woman who spotted a business opportunity doing something she loved. She initially started Cozy Femme as a way to sell her crocheted garments, but has since broadened it into a craft revival community. She’s building a collective of crocheters and knitters as a response to the fast fashion industry – hand-crafted, custom garments made with ethical materials are in direct contrast to the big box ‘disposable’ fashion labels. And she’s capitalizing on a trend seen on runways this year; crochet was big with the Parisian designers in 2017. Even Missoni, famous for its knits, included crochet this year.

Khadijah specializes in women’s tops herself, but her crochet collective can make any garment or accessory you might need, and probably even some you didn’t know you needed. You can contact her via her website, or see her products on Instagram @cozyfemme