Feathers, Elegant Feathers!

Manolo Blahnik, previously available at The Real Real

Manolo Blahnik, previously available at The Real Real

I’ve always been a fan of feathers, but it’s at this time of year when the weather turns colder and we have more occasions to ‘dress up’ that other people seem to want to join me.

There is something decidedly elegant about a feather embellishment. Something that sets the wearer apart. And let’s face it, they’re warm.

Feathers on the Runway

All the reports from the Fall/Winter 2017 runway shows would have led me to believe that feathers were a ‘thing’ for this season. Woo hoo! Except, I was unable to find much in the way of feather embellished garments available for those of us without the glamorous budgets to accompany our glamorous clothing ambitions. Sure, the designers were using feathers lavishly this fall, but that doesn’t appear to have filtered down to ready to wear.

I searched up and down the interwebs to find feather anything to share with you. And perhaps not surprisingly, given where feathers come from and their delicate nature, it seems that feathers are simply not used in everyday clothing for every day people, even for special occasions. Where I found them was at The Real Real, a designer consignment site that I have recently begun to explore.

And while I have previously written about banishing black, it does lend itself to more formal clothing. And apparently to feather embellishments. I apologize in advance if you are unable to see the feather detail in these images – some of them simply are too dark to see properly. All images are linked to their original source so you can ooh and aah at your leisure if you want a closer look.

Feathers For The Common (Wo)Man

To my surprise I was able to find many feathered items at a modest price point. True, these items are not brand new, but my experience with The Real Real has been that the items are top notch and just as described. You only need to be sure of your measurements and have the time to trawl the site.

Feathers for Fair Folks

And I found some wonderful feather embellished pieces that certainly could be worn at this time of year for those whose complexions suit paler or warmer shades.

Feathers for Fantasy

And just for fun, here are some truly drool worthy pieces, with the price tags to match!

I think I could happily add just about any of these pieces to my wardrobe! Now if I just had someplace to wear them . . .