2-For-1 Shoes, Perfect for Packing

When I’m packing for a trip I always start with the shoes. Since you can only take a small subset of your entire shoe closet, they need to do double, and even triple duty. Tricky, when you’re on a city holiday and need to look stylish and put together, but you’ll be walking miles every day. 

Traveling for business might be even worse – you can’t turn up in the same shoes day after day when meeting with the same people, but you don’t want to fill your bag with a lot of shoes.

I think I may have found a completely workable, and totally fun solution: ShoeCandy shoes. Developed by two women who clearly had these issues when travelling, these high-quality shoes are crafted in the leather shoemaking capital of Brazil, and have been designed to be accessorized for multiple looks. You buy your shoe, then you purchase your ‘bag of candy’, the heel covers and sparkly bits to completely change the look.

Kara Mac of ShoeCandy told me that their idea was to provide two complete looks with one shoe; day into evening, or work into weekend. And of course, you’re not limited to just two. Add as many accessories as you like to build a shoe wardrobe.

So I spent some time on their website creating my own shoe looks. What fun!

Here's the shoe I designed

Here's the shoe I designed


With spring fast approaching I played with the celebrity sandal, a great looking sandal that I know I could walk some serious distance in and still look stylish. I created a sparkly and colorful combination using the Fiji ivory t-strap and the multi-floral heel. You know I like a little bit of bling.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t ‘see’ all the accessory options for different heel and t-strip combinations because I would want to be 100% certain that I was getting something that was going to work. But I think my excitement at the varied functionality would probably trump both the fairly high price (not outrageous given the quality materials – they’re designed to be worn more often after all) and this minor inconvenience. Apparently they are aware that this is a problem with their online shopping experience and are working on ways to remedy it.

This one is just pretty, but you should check out the animal print!

This one is just pretty, but you should check out the animal print!

I love these stunning sandals too (their spring/summer bestsellers). How much fun are these for a warm weather holiday? So many options for both t-straps (I count a total of 18) and heels (25 different options). I checked with my super math husband and that makes a total of 450 different combinations! So really no excuse for not having the perfect shoe for all your favorite summer outfits.

Kara told me that new heel cover styles are chosen by ShoeCandy fans voting on social media. And they’re now all made in the US. What a great way to engage with your customers!

ShoeCandy has definitely stayed on the conservative side of shoe design, but I think that makes their shoes and boots more wearable by a wider range of women. The point is really the accessories, and that’s where your personality gets to shine.

And yes, your shopping cart can get pretty pricy in a hurry, but I think for the quality and amazing flexibility of the product, cost per wear is probably pretty good. I kinda wish I had more holidays to need such a practical, yet totally fun shoe.

Have some fun creating your own ShoeCandy shoes and let me know what you come up with!