Kim has been amazing to work with and has completely shifted the way I view sales. I started out thinking, “If I have to do cold calls, I don’t want this job.” She helped demystify what selling really is, and found a way for me to approach it on a level that was comfortable for me. (And actually somehow made me excited about it... she has a way!)
— Elyse Mueller, Elyse's Eye Productions

You and your team are really good at what you do.

You’re smart, you work hard, and you’ve excelled in your professional skill area. Now you’re also responsible for bringing in new business, whether you have sales skills or not.

Your sales team may have even had sales training, but you’ve realized that the techniques taught didn’t fit the style of your organization or your team.

Suddenly you’re no longer feeling as capable nor as confident in your skills.

That’s where I can help.

My sales training and consultancy programs are designed to overcome the sales challenges many people face in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. And while I focus on women because they often have greater challenges to overcome, I'm not leaving men out!

We’ll define the words that will engage your prospective customers, craft compelling questions for those sales conversations, and role play and practice until everyone is ready to win more business with confidence and assurance.


Work with Kim to See Your Team's Sales Revenues Improve

On-Site Workshops

Let's craft the best workshop to address your team's needs.


Small group or one-on-one sales coaching and role play that improves confidence AND sales results.



Evaluation, strategy and process designed to get your team producing results.