Kim Fredrich’s philosophy — that selling is merely a conversation and an opportunity to discover how you can satisfy a potential customer’s needs — has truly transformed my company’s approach to sales.

She taught me to ask myself: “Do I believe in my service?” And because the answer is ‘yes!’ I feel comfortable — and even excited — to make cold calls, approach new clients or ask for a referral.

Overcoming my allergy to sales has delivered significant new business and revenues. Thanks, Kim!
— Sarah Gonzales, Tungsten Prep

You're an entrepreneur.

You’ve created a brilliant small business and are excited to grow and develop right alongside it.

But are you a salesperson?

Does the thought of selling make you squirm? You might even get nervous when you remember that, not only do you have to run your business day to day, but you're responsible for revenue and growth too.

I'll teach you how to overcome your fear and successfully make sales.

I’m a female business owner too, and I know what you’ve got invested in your future success.

Here's what makes us different: I absolutely LOVE going out to get new business.

For your business to be successful, you’ll need to be able to sell your product or service AND yourself.

No matter what your confidence level is coming in, we’ll outline your sales process together, select the right words for you to use, and then we’ll role play and practice until you know you can ask the right questions to win more business!


Which Package is Best for YOU?

Find Your Sales Confidence

A great place to start if you are really uncomfortable with selling. We'll go through the basics, including why women are more successful salespeople. Really!

Your Customized Sales Process

Let's talk about what you need to do to achieve those sales targets you've set yourself.

Blueprint for Sales & Marketing Success

Putting it all together for a robust plan to achieve your goals; including practice until you've got it right, and some marketing too.

Sales funnel - lead gen - marketing strategy from The Stylish Marketer

Optional Add-On:
What’s in Your Sales Funnel? Lead Generation and Marketing Strategy


Available only to clients who have completed Find Your Sales Confidence or Your Customized Sales Process.

Two 60-minute sessions, plus one 30-minute follow up call

What You’ll Take Away:

  • An objective evaluation of your current marketing strategy. What are your measurable results?
  • A high-level outline marketing strategy to deliver the leads you need to meet your defined sales targets.
  • Recommendations for marketing action.
  • Referrals to marketing support partners as required.